I did not meet Keanu on that production. BUT
I did have an opportunity to see him up close and personal while browsing in a bookstore here in LA. He was in the store with Ellen DeGeneres, just browsing like ordinary folks .. browsing in a used bookstore.
I tried to be very non-chalant.. after all,,,here in Hollywood, one day you might see Steve Tyler from Aerosmith in the local CVS and the next day sit down next to George Takei in a deli .. or run into Jodi Foster hiking on your favorite local hiking trail in the Santa Monica Mountains ...( All those things have happened to me) so it's part of the " culture" to see celebrities out and about. But seeing Keanu up close,,, gave me a special kind of fan moment.
Sadly, Dutton's Bookstore has closed.. But it was a good bookstore for browsing . I am sure I was in the Animation and Entertainment Arts section. here is a little article about Duttons Bookstore.. and its' proprietor Dave Dutton ( https://www.lamag.com/longform/remembering-dave-dutton-and-duttons-books/