Monday, May 4, 2020

Hybrid Animation 1987 Paper meets the CRAY computer PRUDENTIAL ROCK commercial

My first HYBRID 2d/3d animation job 1987
I want to point out.. My first HYBRID work
People talk about HYBRID animation as if it was invented recently.. but here is a HYBRID commercial for Prudential Insurance: that I animated 2d  water effects  for  in 1987.
 The drawn effects were composited into
the Computer Generated animation elements at Digital Omnibus Abel ( DOA)  ( did I mention, this was way back in 1987.)
The CG was done on a CRAY computer , so big it filled up a room.
 Thank you Chris Casady for the work! ( subcontracted thru " RotoFX of America"
( ! ) The 2d effects were created on PAPER. ( !)